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At Topkids Utrecht, we offer a warm and safe environment for your child. Our team of experienced pedagogical staff is passionate and dedicated to the development of your child. We have one vertical group with a maximum of 16 children from 0 to 4 years old, which ensures that there is plenty of attention for each child.

In our beautiful, spacious location with high ceilings, a cozy open kitchen, and a wonderful garden, children experience countless adventures. We organize challenging activities that are tailored to the age and interests of the children, and we pay attention to all developmental areas: from cognitive to creative and social-emotional. We offer healthy and fresh meals from Moekes Maaltijd.

Learning and growing with pleasure:

At Topkids Utrecht, your child learns and grows with pleasure. We believe it is important that children can develop in a safe and trusted environment.

Flexible and practical:

We are open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, five days a week. We offer an all-inclusive package with meals, snacks, and diapers. It is also possible to swap and change days.

To ensure the peace and quiet of the groups, children can be brought in until 9:15 AM and picked up after 5:00 PM. For parents who choose half-day care, the drop-off and pick-up time is between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM. If your day unexpectedly runs differently, please let us know!


All inclusive pakket:

Flexibel all inclusive pakket:

Extra care 2024:

Pedagogical Policy

Topkids Kinderopvang stands for quality. We treat children with respect, trust, understanding, and love. Our goal is to care for, guide, and stimulate children in an environment where they feel safe and secure. We focus on each child as an individual with their own unique talents. This way, children can develop to their full potential and explore the world around them. Every child deserves the quality care that we provide.

To ensure this quality, we have developed a pedagogical vision that focuses on small-scale, collaborative, professional, and flexible care. We strive to achieve the pedagogical goals set out by pedagogue Riksen-Walraven for childcare:

Want to know more about our vision and how we put it into practice? Read our pedagogical policy on the parent portal.

We also have a Health and Safety Policy. This policy plan outlines how we create a safe and healthy work, play, and living environment at our location. This policy can always be viewed at the location, via the parent portal, or by request via